Welcome to Warimals!
Welcome to Warimals!

Warimals: Cats vs. Dogs

Browser-based MMO animal warfare put together using HTML5.


Helsinki, December 8th,2010 RocketPack Ltd launches alpha version ofWarimals, the first multi-platform social game that runs in the browser

Warimals: Cats vs. Dogsis an asynchronous massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that tells the epic story about the everlasting war waged between Cats and Dogs.

Warimals combines the pick up and play mechanics of popular social games with more advanced gameplay familiar from the tower defense genre. "We feel that social games should move beyond repeatedly clicking on a cow" saysJiri Kupiainen, CEO of Rocket Pack. "Players seem to agree - the alpha has almost ten thousand players, and we haven't even formally announced the game yet", he adds.

Warimals is available on Facebook as well as at http://www.warimals.com. The game can be played on several platforms, including the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Warimals is built withRocket Engine, Rocket Pack's HTML5 game development platform. Rocket Engine allows developers to build social games that work on multiple platforms without requiring installation or plugins of any kind. "There's one runtime that will come with every new device that has a screen - the browser. With the new connected TVs and things like OpenGL just around the corner, we are very excited about the future of Rocket Engine and games that will be built with it", Kupiainen says.

You can find screenshots & other press assets here:


For further information and enquiries, please contact: Jiri Kupiainen, CEO, +358 44 016 2991, jiri@rocketpack.fi

About Rocket Pack

Rocket Pack Ltd was founded on March 1 st, 2010 by gaming industry & gaming media experts. We are based in Helsinki, Finland. We have over 50 years worth of combined experience from game development, software development & media.

Play Warimals: http://www.warimals.com/

Rocket Pack Website: http://www.rocketpack.fi

Rocket Pack on Twitter: http://twitter.com/rocketpackgames

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